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The shape on an information sign is..
A circular   B triangular   C square     D oval

Among the below colour which colour is used for prohibition sign?
A White symbol on blue background
B Yellow back-ground with black border and symbol
C White symbols on green back ground
D Red bolder and cross bar. black symbol on white back arounds

The best method to avoid accident is ............
A By wearing safety equipment
B By absorbho safety precautions reiat to a job machine and working place
C Doing things in one s own way
D Doing things which a highty skilied worker practice

Which one of the following fire extinguish; Is suitable for a live electrical fire?
A Haion
B Water
C Foam
D Liquified chemical

The straight shank drill is held in the main spindle of drilling machine by.......
A Floating holder
B Collet
C Chuck
D Sleeve

Bar type tap wrench is........
A not possible to holding large diameter taps
B more suitable for large diameter taps
C not suitable to adjust the jaws
D suitable for threading holes in restricted places

Centre punch angle of point is ....
A 30°   B 45°    C 60°  D 90°

Which one is to be used to start the tapping?
A Taper tap    B Plug tap   C Second tap  D Machine tap

A new hacksaw blade after a few strokes  becomes loose .because of.........................
A stretching of the blade
B wing nut thread being worn out
C wrong pitch of the blade
D proper selection of the set of jaws

The hacksaw frame in which more than one standard size of blade can be fitted is called...
A fixed hacksaw frame                   B tubular hacksaw frame
C adjustable hacksaw frame           D deep cutting hacksaw frame

Which one of following mechanical properties enables a metal to be made into thin sheets?
A Toughness      B Hardness     C Ductility    D Malleability

At the end of the cutting with a hacksaw the cutting pressure should be ....
A Less     B High   C Normal     D Very high

Which is a reason for manufacturing grey cast iron by lathe bed?
A   can withstand compressive ioad       B   can with stand tensile load
C   difficult to machine ability               D   to brake sudden shock

Name the mechanism for moving and controlling the carriage parts.
A Feed mechanism   B Apron   C Carriage   D Top slide

What should be used to move the carriage manually?
A  Cross slide    B  Carriage hand wheel     C  Feed lever    D  Half nut

To prevent the chuck from damaging the lathe guide ways while mounting....
A  a lift the chuck with a hand crane
B  ask the instructor or foreman for help
C  place a wooden block or board on the guide ways
D  support with a screw jack .

Which chuck is provided for T-slots?
A  3 jaw chuck            B  4 jaw chuck
C  Magnetic chuck      D  2 jaw concentric chuck

The pads of a steady rest are made of.............
A  carbon steel     B  lead     C  mild steel     D  brass

A steady rest is used................
A  to hold jobs            B  for face plate work
C  to drive the job       D  to support the job

Cutting tool held with 3 bolts, Name the tool post.
A Open side tool post     B Four way tool post
C Universal tool post     D British tool post

The half nut lever is used for.....
A engaging the longitudinal feed on the carriage
B taking up the slack in the cross slide nut
C changing from longitudinal to cross- feed
D thread cutting

The feed change lever.......
A changes the directions of the lead screw
B diverts the feed to either the cross slide or the longitudinal slide
C change the feed to a high or low range
D connects or disconnects the carriage hand wheel

Centre drill is done at the......
A  high spindle speed with a high feed
B  low spindle speed with a high feed
C  high spindle speed with a low feed
D  low spindle speed with a low feed

The centre drill breaks as a result of......
A  too heavy feed and too low speed
B  too light feed and too high speed
C  dropping it on the floor
D  allowing chips to form a tangle around them

The cutting tool is manufactured by....
A  low carbon steel               B  medium carbon steel
C  high carbon steel             D wrought iron

Tool holders are used to ....
A  extend the life of the tool    B  protect the tool
C  clamp the tool securely       D  deflect the cutting pressure

Depth of cut is provided by using
A  top slide              B  cross slide
C  compound slide   D  adjusting tool

For changing the rotation of feed rod, which lever should be used?
A  Feed change lever            B  Carriage locking lever
C  Feed selector                    D  Feed reverse lever

Which type of chip formation would be the best for turning mild steel?
A Long curly chips   B Segmented chips   C I - Shaped chips   D Spiral chips

For knurling operation, the rotation of the spindle speed is....
A   1/2 of the tuning spindle speed      B   1 /3 of the turning spindle speed
C   equal to turning spindle speed       D   equal to high spindle speed

For turning the cast iron, which the following should be used?
A  Soluble oil    B  No cutting fluid   C  Cutting oil    D  Water as coolant

The function of the cutting fluid in lathe operation is......
A  cleaning and lubrication
B  chip removal and lubrication
C  better finish and lubricant
D  cooling and flushing chips away from the cutting tool

The protection guard over the grinding wheel is fixed to protect the......
A  spindle of the pedestal grinder     B  grinding wheel
C  work pieces                                 D operator

For grinding wheel, which one is
represented by the symbols A to Z ?
A   Grit size             B   Silicon carbide
C   Bond material    D  Grade of the grinding wheel

The tolerance of a hole is the difference between the...........
A   maximum hole and the minimum shaft
B   maximum hole and the minimum hole
C   minimum hole and the maximum shaft
D   maximum hole and the maximum shaft

The three main classes of fits used in the B.I.S system are.......
A   clearance, transition and interference
B   loose fit, sliding fit and shrinkage fit
C   round fit, fiat fit and expansion fit

D   tight fit, push fit and medium fit

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JULY 2018

Which of the following is not true for internal combustion
engine as compare to external combustion engine?
a. It has lower ratio of weight to output
b. They are self-starting
c. Higher overall efficiency
d. Mechanical simplicity
Answer : b. They are self-starting

Which of the following is not an internal Combustion (IC) engine?
a. Gas engine
b. Wankel engine
c. Jet engine
d. Sterling engine
Answer : d. Sterling engine

In two stroke engine there is one power stroke in_of crankshaft rotation.
a.  90°
b. 180°
c. 270°
d. 360°
Answer : d. 360°

In four stroke engine which of the following is also known as power stroke-
a. Suction stroke
b. Compression stroke
c. Expansion stroke
d. Exhaust stroke
Answer : c. Expansion stroke

Thermal stress in cylinder liners can be reduced by……..
a. Increasing the wall thickness of cylinder liner
b. Increasing velocity of flowing water through jacket
c. Both(a)&(b)
d. None of the above
Answer : b. Increasing velocity of flowing water through jacket

Exhaust valve diameter is_intake valve.
a. Greater than
b. Same as
c. Smaller to
d. Double to
Answer : c. Smaller to

Piston slap results from excessive clearance berween ….
a. Piston and cylinder wall
b. Piston and piston pin
c. Piston and piston
d. Piston rings
Answer : a. Piston and cylinder wall

The connecting rod attaches the piston to. The ……
a. Cylinder head
b. Crankshaft
c. Camshaft
d. Driveshaft
Answer : b. Crankshaft

Piston rings are made of-
a. Cast iron
b. Brass
c. Copper
d. Both (a) & (b)
Answer : a. Cast iron

On which two strokes are both valves closed?
a. Intake and exhaust
b. Intake and compression
c.   Compression and power
d.   Power and exhaust
Answer : c.   Compression and power

What is the material of the connecting rod-
a. Mild steel .
b. Forged steel
c. Tool steel
d. Cast iron
Answer : b. Forged steel

Fly wheel is installed on -
a. Crank shaft
b. Cam shaft
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. None of these
Answer : a. Crank shaft

Hydrocarbons are decomposed into smaller hydrocarbons by ….
a. Reforming
b. Refining
c. Cracking
d. Polymerization
Answer : c. Cracking

Which of the following isn't a cylinder block part?
a. Cylinder in which piston slides up and down
b. Openings for valves
c. Passages for flow of cooling water
d. Carburettor
Answer : d. Carburettor
A machine member used to connect engine shaft to gear box is called
a. Differential
b. Clutch
c. Flywheel
d. Propeller shaft
Answer : b. Clutch

A gas turbine works on which cycle?
a. Carnot.     .       ..
b. Brayton
c. Dual cycle
d. Rankine cycle
Answer : b. Brayton

Which among these is the main component of a gas turbine plant?
a. Condenser 
b. Compressor
c. Boiler
d. Both (b) & (c)
Answer : b. Compressor

The gasoline engine works on which cycle?
a. Otto cycle
b. Diesel cycle
c. Brayton cycle
d. None of these
Answer : a. Otto cycle

The turbocharged diesel'ehgine requires ……….. cooling air
than naturally aspired diesel engines.
a. Less
b. More
c. Equal
d. None of these
Answer : b. More

Which of the following is true in radiator …………
a. Relatively small amount of water are brought into
contact with large surface areas of metal
b. Relatively large amount of water are brought into
contact with small surface areas ot metal
c. Equal amount of water are brought into contact
with equal surface areas ot metal
d. Anv of  the above
Answer : a
A typical cooling system circuit has the thermostat between …..
a. Engine outlet and radiator
b. Radiator outlet and engine inlet
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. None of these
Answer : a. Engine outlet and radiator

Lubricating oil ………..
a. Minimizes wear in moving parts 
b. Helps in keeping the parts cool .     
c. Washes away and carries away
d. All of these
Answer : d. All of these

Viscosity index (VI) is a measure for the change of  
viscosity with change in ………
a. Temperature
b. Pressure
c. Volume
d. All of these
Answer : a. Temperature

The following part is not lubricated by Pressure feed system …..
a. Timing gears
b. Valve rods and Push rods
c. Rocker arms
d. Main bearings of crankshaft
Answer : b. Valve rods and Push rods

Supercharging -
a. Increases intake pressure
b. Increases intake temperature
c. Increases flame speed
d. All of these
Answer : d. All of these
Turbochargers are generally-
a. Centrifugal compressors
c. Vane blowers
b. Reciprocating compressors       
d. Roots blower
Answer : a. Centrifugal compressors

In which of the following compressors,
a slip coupling is used between the engine
and compressor for the variable speed
operations of the engines?
a. Piston cylinder type
b  Root blower
c. Vane type blower
d. Centrifugal compressor
d. Centrifugal compressor

If  the temperature of intake air in I.C. engine is
lowered, then its efficiency will ………..
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c  Remain same
d.   No effect
Answer : a. Increase

Air fuel ratio for idling speed of a petrol engine is approximately …
a. 1:1
b. 5:1
c. 10:1
d. 15:1
Answer : c. 10:1

A muffler between the exhaust manifold and
 the end of the exhaust pipe causes …………..
a. A decrease in exhaust gas pressure
b. An increase in exhaust gas pressure
c. No change in exhaust gas pressure
d. Either (a) or (b) .
Answer : b. An increase in exhaust gas pressure

The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by ……….
a. Fuel pump
b. Governor 
c. Injector
d. Carburettor
Answer : d. Carburettor

In a diesei engine, the fuel is ignited by-
a. Spark
b. Injected fuel
c. Heat resulting from compressing air that is supplied for combustion
d. Ignition
Answer : c
ECU enabled electronic injection system is used for -
a. Calculating the appropriate injection timing
b. Meeting only certain operating conditions
c. Closing the injection valve only
d. None of the above
Answer : . None of the above
Scavenging air in diesel engine means -
a. Air used for combustion sent under pressure
b. Forced air for cooling cylinder
c. Burnt air containing products of combustion
d. Air used for forcing burnt gases out of engines
cylinder during the exhaust period
Answer : d
Fuel is injected in a four-stroke CI engine-
a. At the end of suction stroke
b. At the end of expansion stroke
c. At the end of compression stroke
d. At the end of exhaust stroke
Answer : c. At the end of compression stroke

……….. of fuel is independent of cranking speed and
therefore starting will be easier,
a. Ignition
b. Atomization
c. Condensation
d.  None of these
Answer : b. Atomization
When the engine is cold, the  ………….. plate
will be in closed position.
a. Nozzle
b. Throttle
c. Air
d. None of these
Answer : b. Throttle

Fugitive emissions consist of-
a. Street dust
b. Dust from construction activities
c. Dust from farm cultivation
d. All of these
Answer : d. All of these

The function of automobile catalytic converter is to
control emissions of-
a. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen
b. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen
c. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
d. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
Answer : d . Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
Gaseous pollutants include-
a. Biological decay
b. Forest fires
c. Volcanic eruptions
d. All of these
Answer : d. All of these

An alternator is also called ……….
a. Synchronous generator
b. Turbo generator
c. Asynchronous generator
d. Generator
Answer : a. Synchronous generator
To get a maximum output current, IC regulation
are provided with
a. Radiation source
b. Heat sink
c. peak detector                                                                                                                                                                                     d. None of these                                                                                                                                                                     Answer : b. Heat sink

3 - point starter is used to start the ……..  
a. Series motor
b. Shunt motor
c. Compound motor                                                                                                                                                                               d. only (b)and (c)                                                                                                                                                                        Answer : d. only (b)and (c)
The full form of MPF1 is ……….
a. Multi Point Fuel Injection
b. Multi Piston Fuel Injection
c. Main Point Fuel Injection
d. Multi Point Fuel Ignition
Answer : a. Multi Point Fuel Injection
EGR stands for -
a. Exhaust Gas Recirculation
b. Engine Gas Recirculation
c. Engine Gas Recycling
d. Exhaust Gas Re-injection
Answer : a. Exhaust Gas Recirculation

To prevent overload and overheating of wires-
a. Fuses are used only
b. Circuit breakers are used only
c. Fuses and circuit breakers are used
d. Fuses and resistor are used
Answer : c. Fuses and circuit breakers are used

The effects of  knocking are ……..
a. Noise and roughness
b. Mechanical damage .  
c. Carbon deposits
d   Allot these
Answer: a. Noise and  roughness
A hydraulic coupling belongs to the category of ………
a. Power absorbing machines
b. Energy transfer machines
c. Power developing machines
d. Energy generating machines
Answer: d. Energy generating machines

In water cooling, the water in the jackets obtains heat from the.
Cylinders due to-
a. Conduction
b. Convection
c. Radiation                                                                                                                                                                                d. All of these
Answer: a. Conduction
Which of the following is the most abundant hydrocarbon
which is emitted into the atmosphere by biological activity?
a. Ethane
b. Methane
c. Poly Aromatic hydrocarbons
d. Pentane
Answer: b. Methane


JULY 2018

Excel uniquely identifies cells within a
worksheet with a cell name
a. Cell names
b. Column numbers and row letters
c. Column letters and row numbers
d. Cell locator coordinates
Answer : b. Column numbers and row letters

A worksheet can have a maximum of
 Number of rows.
a. 256
b. 1024
c. 32000
d. 65535
Answer : d. 65535

The programs that are used to find out possible
faults and their causes are called
a. Operating system extensions
b. Cookies
c. Diagnostic software
d. Boot diskettes
Answer : c. Diagnostic software

Which of the following is also known
as brain of computer?
a. Control unit
b. Central Processing unit
c. Arithmetic-logic unit
d. Monitor
Answer :  b. Central Processing unit

1 Byte =?
a. 8 bits
b. 4 bits
c. 2 bits
d. 9 bits
Answer : a. 8 bits
In order to protect computer systems from
viruses we use ______ software.
a. antivirus
b. antiworm
c. application
d. firewall
Answer : a. antivirus

Which of the following is not a font style?
a. Bold
b. Italics
c. Regular
d. Superscript
Answer : d. Superscript

Addresses separate the user name from
the ISP using the___ symbol.
a. &
b. @
c. %
d. *
Answer : b. @

Which menu provides you options like
Animation Scheme, custom Animation, Slide
a. Insert Menu
b. Format Menu   
c. Tools Menu
d. Slide Show Menu.
Answer : d. Slide Show Menu.

Which would you choose to move selected
text from one place to another?
a. Move and Paste 
b. Copy and Paste
c. Cut and Paste   
d. Delete and Paste
Answer : c. Cut and Paste   
What is the tool in Word that copies only
the format of selected text so that you can apply
other text?
a. Copy
b. Paste
c. Format Painter 
d. Paste Special
Answer : c. Format Painter 

Gutter position can be set in the following positions
a. Left & Right   
b. Left & Top
c. Left & Bottom   
d. Left Only
Answer : b. Left & Top

Background color or effects applied on a
document is not visible in
a. Web layout view
b. Print Layout view
c. Reading View
d. Print Preview
Answer : d. Print Preview

ISP exchanges internet traffic between
their networks by
a. Internet exchange point
b. Subscriber end point
c. Isp end point
d. None of these
Answer : a. Internet exchange point

URL stands for
a. Unique reference label
b. Uniform reference label
c. Uniform resource locator
d. Unique resource locator
Answer :  c. Uniform resource locator

The first page on the website is called
a. Design page   
b. Home page
c. First page
d. Main page
Answer : b. Home page

In HTML, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is used to
a. Create a frame document
b. Create an image map in the webpage
c. Customize the image in the webpage
d. Identify a name or a resource on the internet
Answer : d. Identify a name or a resource on the internet

Dynamic web page
a. Is same every time whenever it displays
b. Generates on demand by a program or
a request from browser
c. Both (a) and (b)
d.  None of these
Answer : b
All networks require a central location to bring
media segments together. These central
locations are called ................
a. Bridges
b. Switches
c. Hubs
d. Routers
Answer : c. Hubs

Communication channel is shared by all
the machines on the network in
a. Broadcast network .   
b; Unicast network
c. Multicast network
d. None of these
Answer : a. Broadcast network
What PowerPoint feature will you use to apply
motion effects to different objects of a slide?
a. Slide Transition
b. Slide Design
c. Animation Objects
d. Animation Scheme
Answer : d. Animation Scheme

Which of the following views is the best view
to use when setting transition effects for all
slides in a presentation?
a. Slide sorter view
b. Notes pages view
c. Slide view
d. Outline view
Answer : c. Slide view

Which of the following can you use to
add times to the slides in a presentation?
a. Slide Show menu
b. Rehearse timing button
c. Slide transition button
d. All of these
Answer : b. Rehearse timing button

A relational database consists of a collection of
a. Tables
b. Fields
c. Records
d. Keys
Answer : c. Records

The term attribute refers to a__of a table.
a. Record
b. Column
c. Tuple
Answer : b. Column

26. For each attribute of a relation, there is a set
of permitted values, called the ….. attribute.
a. Domain
b. Relation
c. Set
d. Schema
Answer : a. Domain

In SQL the spaces at the end of the string
are removed by_function.
a. Upper
b. String
c. Trim
d. Lower
Answer : c. Trim

On an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by
a. A dotted border
b. A dark wide border
c. A blinking border
d. By italic text
Answer :  b. A dark wide border

The intersection of a column and a row on a
worksheet is called
a. Column
b. Value
c. Address
d. Cell
Answer :  d. Cell

A feature of MS Word that saves the document
automatically after certain interval is
available on
a. Save tab on Options dialog box
b. Save As dialog box
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. None of these
Answer : a. Save tab on Options dialog box 



Which one of the following is not the cost due to an accident?
a) Cost due to damage to machine, tools, material and property
b) Cost of lost time of the injured person
c) Cost of compensation and medical aid
d) Cost due to increase in production
Answer: d) Cost due to increase in production

The welding machine, which is used to convert AC
welding supply to DC welding supply is ……
a) Motor generator set
b) Engine generator set
c) Rectifier set
d) Welding transformer
Answer: c) Rectifier set

In gas cutting, if too little cutting oxygen is supplied ……
a) The metal will be cooled down
b) The kerf  will be narrow
c) The kerf  will be wide
d) The metal will fail to cut completely
Answer: d) The metal will fail to cut completely

Neutral flame in gas welding contains ……….
a) Oxygen & Actylene in equal proportion
b) More oxygen than Acetylene
c) Less oxygen than Acetylene
d) None of these
Answer: a) Oxygen & Actylene in equal proportion

The chief alloying elements of stainless steel are …..
a) Chromium and nickel
b) Chromium and tungsten
c) Nickel and vanadium
d) Nickel and tungsten
Answer: a) Chromium and nickel

The safe way of working is ……..
a) An effective and right way of working
b) An ancient way of working
c) A way of handling the work in a hurry
d) A way of normal working
Answer:  a) An effective and right way of working

In a transformer, if the number of turns in
the secondary winding is twice that in
primary winding, the secondary voltage will be …..
a) Half that of primary voltage
b) Same as the of primary voltage
c) Twice the primary voltage
d) Four times the primary voltage
Answer:  c) Twice the primary voltage
Increase of carbon content in steel results in …….
a) Increase in hardness
b) Increase in malleability
c) Increase in ductility
d) Increase in strength
Answer:  a) Increase in hardness

In case of arc welding, one should protect his eyes by using …..
a) Dark glass screen
b) Sun goggles   
c) Mask
d) Clear glasses
Answer: a) Dark glass screen

Which one of the following properties is most
essential for the metals in the process of
casting, welding, brazing and soldering?
a) Fusibility
b) Malleability
c) Tenacity
d) Plasticity
Answer: a) Fusibility

The electrode size refers to …….
a) Diameter of its core wire
b) Diameter (overall) of electrode
c) Thickness of flux coating
d) Length of electrode
Answer:  a) Diameter of its core wire

The size of the cutting nozzle used in
Oxy-acetylene cutting process depends mainly on ….
a) Thickness of metal to be cut
b) Purity of oxygen
c) Duration of cut
d) Type of cutting blowpipe
Answer:  a) Thickness of metal to be cut

Cast iron is used for manufacturing machine beds because -
a) It can resist more compressive stress 
b) It is heavy in weight
c) It is a cheaper metal
d) It is a brittle metal
Answer:  a) It can resist more compressive stress
 In a transformer, the winding to which electric
supply is given as input is called
a) Primery winding
b) Secondary winding
c) Main winding
d) Auxiliary winding
 Answer:   a) Primary winding
Which one of the following is the type of
transformer used in arc welding?
a) Step down
b) Step up
c) One-to-one
d) Capable of increasing supply voltage
Answer:   a) Step down
Which is the cause of electric fire?
a) Loose connection
b) Over loading the wires
c) Electric short circuit
d) All of these
Answer:   a) Loose connection

If the blowpipe is moved to and fro frequently
while cutting the kerf will ….
a) Be more
b) Of correct size 
c) Be less
d) Not be affected
Answer:   a) Be more

In the process of soldering, you have noticed
that solder is not sticking sufficiently heated
copper soldering bit when rubbed over solder bar.
What step do you take to overcome the
a) Pre- heat the solder
b) Clean the bit thoroughly
c) Change the soldering bit shape
d) Rub the bit over solder for longer period
Answer: b) Clean the bit thoroughly

According to ohms law ….
a) V = I/R
b) R = VI
c) I = V/R
d) I = VR
Answer: c) I = V/R

No current flow in ……
a) Closed circuit
b) Open circuit   
c) Short circuit
d) Parallel circuit
Answer: b) Open circuit
Which one of the following is a chemical property of metal?
a) Corrosiveness 
b) Conductivity
c) Hardness
d) Elasticity
Answer: a)  Corrosiveness

 Which type of fire extinguisher is used in a welding shop?
a) Foam type extinguisher
b) Dry powder extinguisher
c) C02 extinguisher
d) Halon  extinguisher
Answer: c) C02 extinguisher

The arc utilized in electric arc welding is a …….
a) High voltage, high current discharge
b) Low voltage, low current discharge
c) Low voltage, high current discharge   
d) High voltage, low current discharge
Answer: c) Low voltage, high current discharge

 The position in which it is easiest to weld is -
a) Flat
b) Vertical
c) Horizontal
d) Overhead
Answer: a) Flat

The ability of a metal to be drawn into wire is a measure of its
a) Ductility
b) Toughness
c) Malleability 
d) Hardness
Answer: a) Ductility

The electrodes are manufactured in two standard lengths namely ….
a) 350 mm and 250 mm
b) 350 mm and 450 mm
c) 400 mm and 500 mm
d) 12"and 10"
Answer: 350 mm and 450 mm

In an acetylene cylinder, the acetylene is dissolved in ….
a) Water
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Acetone
d) Mercury
Answer: c) Acetone

Which fuel gas is used for cutting deep under water?
a) Acetylene
b) Hydrogen
d) Methane
Answer: b) Hydrogen

Acetylene is a fuel gas for gas cutting & welding composed of-
a) 7.7 of carbon & 92.3 % of  hydrogen 
b) 92,3% carbon & 7.7 % hydrogen
c) 100% carbon
d) 50% carbon & 50% hydrogen
Answer: b) 92,3% carbon & 7.7 % hydrogen

Match the following tools and their use -
p. Hand shield, q, chipping hammer r, Tongs s. Try square
1. To remove slag     2. To check squareness   3. To hold hot jobs
4 to protect eyes from uv rays
a) p4, q-2, r-3, s-4
b) p-2. q-1, r-3 s-4
c) p-4, q-1, r- 2 s- 3
 d) p-4 q-1 r-3 s-2
Answer: d) p-4 q-1 r-3 s-2

What should never be used on gas cylinders, regulators and holes,
a) Wrenches
b) Teflon tapes
c) Leak detectors
d) Oil
Answer: d) Oil

While gas cutting the nozzle should?
a) Almost touch the work
b) Be 1.0 mm away from work
c) Be 2 mm away from work
d) Be 5 mm away from work
Answer: b) Be 1.0 mm away from work

What purpose is served by flux during soldering?
a) It cleans the surface to be soldered
b) It lowers the melting point of the solder
c) It makes the flow of solder in the joint easy
d) It does all of above
Answer: d) It does all of above

A cylinder while contains acetylene will be painted …
a) Brown
b) Black
c) Blue
d) Maroon
Answer: d) Maroon

Match the welding terms with their definitions ….
1 Parent metal 2 Filler metal 3 Deposited metal
 with that of its definition
p. Metal which becomes a part of the joint ,
q. Metal to be joined r. Metal added during welding
a) 1-p, 2-q and 3-r
b) l-q9 2-p and 3-r
c) 1-r, 2-q and 3-p
d) 1-q, 2-r and 3-p
Answer: d) 1-q, 2-r and 3-p

Cast iron contains two elements, which make it difficult
 to cut it by gas cutting. What are these elements?
a) Sulphur and phosphorous
b) Silicon and graphite
c) Graphite and phosphorous
d) Silicon and sulphur
Answer: b) Silicon and graphite
In DC welding heat distribution is possible between
electrode and the base metal due to the change of polarity.
The distribution of heat is -
a) Positive 2/3 and negative 1/3
 b) Positive 1 /3 and negative 2/3
c) Positive 3/4 and negative 1/4

d) Positive 1/4 and negative 3/4

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